Consolidated Auto Works opened its doors for business in 1969. During their 41 years in business Ed and Barbara Grayson have had the opportunity of servicing Jaguar’s for both the enthusiasts and the every day driver.

They have enjoyed every aspect of the marque and have been involved in the Jaguar clubs both local and national. Both have held the position of president in the local club and currently Barbara is treasurer of the local Jaguar club. Also on the local level they have put together many events including rallies, slaloms, dinners with both the Group 44 and TWR Jaguar race teams and the Western States Meet, a multi western club event. They were both involved with the All British Field Meet since its inception at Portland International Raceway. In 1992 Barbara was the chairman of the ABFM in which Jaguar was the featured marque. 

Ed has been working on Jaguar’s since 1974 and is quite passionate about the marque. In 1982 Ed campaigned a 1966 Jaguar E Coupe on the concours circuit and won National champion in his class that year.  He has also held many technical sessions at the shop.

Toonces - The Driving Cat

On the national scene Barbara was the first president of the newly independent Jaguar Clubs of North America.  She also held the position of Events Coordinator of which she chaired the International Jaguar Festival held at The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort in Colorado Springs. She has also chaired and served on the National Protest Committee and the Awards Committee.

Please be assured that we will do our best to merit your confidence and goodwill.

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